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A Flight Instructor Rating is one of the most awarding achievements for a Pilot. It gives you the opportunity to take your flying experience to the highest level in depth and understanding. It is a rewarding career in personal development and skill.

Oasis Flight Training is an approved Instructor Training organisation. Our Instructor Rating course will take you through the RA-Aus training syllabus which requires 30 hours of ground briefing time, which includes the Principles and Methods of Instruction course, and 20 hours of dual in flight training time. In order to qualify for the issue of an instructor rating you must have attained the age of 18 and your Pilot Certificate with Cross Country, Radio, Passenger and Human Factors endorsements and have 100 hours as pilot in command as a minimum. Alternatively you can qualify for the issue of an instructor rating if you have recognised flight time as a Pilot or Instructor from a recognised organisation other than RA-Aus if you meet the requirements of the RA-Aus Operations Manual Section 2.13 Paragraphs 8 and 9.

Our Flight Instructors are highly experienced to deliver the most successful Instructor Rating course to you. We have our own Pilot Examiner who will test you at the completion of the course.

As an Instructor, at the completion of 150 hours of aeronautical experience which includes 75 hours as flight instructor, and having satisfied the requirements for the issue under Section 2.09 of the RA-Aus Operations Manual, or if holding recognised qualifications as detailed in Section 2.13 Paragraphs 10 and 11, you can qualify for a Senior Instructor Rating. This furthers your ability and privileges which enhances your level of knowledge and skill.

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