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Oasis Flight Training

Oasis Flight Training offers professional training at an affordable rate. With over 35 years of experience in the Aviation industry, we provide you with service that is second to none. We are committed to providing excellence in service with our highly experienced and trained instructors.

Our Chief Flying Instructor is also a Pilot Examiner and a CASA approved Aviation English Language Assessor. All our training is designed to meet your individual requirements and needs. Our facilities are ideally placed to provide students and pilots with all the necessary resources and training to make learning an enjoyable and safe experience. All the flight training is competency based.

Oasis Flight Training is CASA approved to deliver the Dangerous Goods Training Course to Group B, C and D Employees with our tailored and detailed course that can also be completed by correspondence.

Flight training and testing is provided for a variety of  endorsements, and ratings as required and we are also an approved Instructor Training organisation. Specialised testing is also provided for initial issue of Instructor Ratings and renewals, Senior Instructor Ratings and renewals, Chief Flying Instructor initial issue and renewals,  and Aeroplane Flight Reviews.

We are located at 63 Bundora Parade, Moorabbin Airport, a well maintained airport with all weather runways. Oasis Flight Training is 30 minutes drive from the CBD.




Flight Training by Experienced Instructors

A complement of excellent facilities and the best training from friendly and highly experienced instructors. We are committed to providing excellence in service with an impeccable reputation for safety and training standards.

Learn to Fly

Feel and experience what flying is all about by taking a Trial Introductory Flight with us. This flight is designed to take around 40 minutes and it will give you the feel of the aircraft and what it is like to fly it. You will be in the aircraft with a fully qualified Flight Instructor who will guide you through every step of the way to ensure that you have a pleasant experience in what it is like to be in the air flying the aircraft. You will see how the aircraft responds to your control inputs. The flight will be preceded by a pre-flight brief and at the completion of your flight you will receive a post flight brief. You will have opportunities to ask questions before, during and after the flight as this is an experience for you. The Trial Introductory Flight counts towards your flight lessons if you elect to continue to learn to fly. In fact, it is part of your first lesson.

The first stage of flight training is towards your Pilot Certificate which requires 20 hours of dual training including 5 hours of solo training as a minimum. One or two lessons per week is considered a good learning rate and so at this rate you would expect to achieve your Pilot Certificate after about three to five months.  The Pilot Certificate gives you the privilege to fly within 25 nautical miles from the departure aerodrome.

The second stage of flight training is towards your Passenger Endorsement which requires 10 hours of solo flight (a further 5 hours solo from the Pilot Certificate training). The Passenger Endorsement allows you to take passengers with you while you stay within 25 nautical miles from the departure aerodrome.

The third stage of flight training is towards your Cross Country Endorsement which requires 15 hours of dual navigation training and 2 hours of solo navigation training as a minimum. The Cross Country Endorsement allows you to fly outside the 25 nautical mile limit that is imposed by the Pilot Certificate with Passenger Endorsement.

From here the sky is the limit. You can choose to get other endorsements like Type Training, Tail Wheel Undercarriage, In Flight Adjustable Propeller, Retractable Undercarriage, Advanced Pilot Award, Instructor Rating or even move to Recreational Pilot Licence or Private Pilot Licence. The list goes on.

This flight times can vary depending on your ability to achieve the competencies of the lessons and the frequency of your flight lessons. You are the variable. The more you devote yourself the closer you will get to the minimal times listed in the syllabus of training. At various stages of your flight training you will be required to conduct theory examinations. This can be achieved by conducting our ground theory courses or if you elect you can complete these by self study. If you elect to conduct our theory courses then please refer to our theory courses section for more information.

Lessons for the first stage of flight training are normally one hour flight time in duration plus ground briefing. Lessons are preceded by a ground briefing session. There is also a post flight ground briefing session with your flight instructor. Contact Us for more information.

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