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"Fly with us for a professional experience with caring and dedicated staff"

Flying is my passion.

It gives me great pleasure to be able to pass on my knowledge and skills developed over many years and thousands of hours to my students. I enjoy watching my students progress through their training to achieve their goals. Goals are achieved through perseverance and dedication. If it is your desire to learn to fly an aeroplane, then it is my pleasure to teach you.

A Professional Flying School

Oasis Flight Training is committed to providing excellence in professional aviation training. The syllabus of training and the detailed theory courses that we have provide our students with all the necessary knowledge and skills to enhance their level of understanding and flying abilities to an impeccable standard. Our reputation stems on our achievements and our safety standards. We have dedicated instructors with a passion for aviation and excellence. Your flight training can be tailored to suit your needs and time frame at an affordable and cost effective way.

Flying is very enjoyable and safe provided it is done with the knowledge and skill developed through good training, that is provided by Oasis Flight Training, a professional and experienced flying school.

Oasis Flight Training will get you there.

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